Tetris 99 + NSO
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  • 99 players only one will remain. Tetris 99 is the iconic puzzle game as you've never seen it before. Can you pick the right strategy to best 98 other players online - all at the same time
  • This physical version includes all content from the big block DLC featuring additional modes
  • CPU battle: Battle against 98 Bots. Defeat the machines
  • Marathon: go for the most lines and the highest score. Additional offline local multiplayer modes will also arrive later this year
  • Local Arena: get up to eight friends together for a local battle
  • 2P share battle: share Joy-Con controllers for a two-player game!
  • Contains a 12 month individual membership for Nintendo Switch online, to enhance your gaming experience
  • Condition: New

Tetris 99 + NSO

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