Fire Emblem Engage
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Release Date: 20th January 2023

The Fell Dragon rises! Summon the Emblems and save the continent of Elyosin Fire Emblem Engage for Nintendo Switch.This new instalment in theFire Emblem seriestakes place in Elyos, a continent consisting of fourrealms surrounding a holy land at its centre. A thousand years ago, a vicious war broke out betweenpeople of Elyos and the Fell Dragon.Bolster your strength on the battlefield by summoning the Emblems–including Marth, Celica andother heroes from past Fire Emblem titles–who dwell within special Emblem Rings. By wearing theserings, Alear and their allies can borrow the power of these Emblems, boosting their stats or grantingaccess to even stronger abilities.Take on the role of Alear, the Divine Dragon, who awakens a thousand years after the war with nomemory of their past. Answer the call to arms and fight alongside yourallies in tactical RPG battles toprevent the resurrection of the Fell Dragon.A grand adventure begins! Meet various allies and enemies in each nation, discover the Emblems thatdwell within the rings and deepen their bonds as you fight to protect the world.

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Fire Emblem Engage

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